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The approximate timeline for the consultation starts with a review of written records, radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy etc. (usually 20-30 minutes), then a live Telemedicine session with the owner or guardian to obtain a history, and to observe and take notes on the patient (usually 30-45 minutes).

During the Telemedicine session most questions will be answered but sometimes meditation of the case is important to arrive to the proper recommendations in an integrative approach.

After the consultation, Dr G will review and create a medical plan for the patient (usually this takes another 30 minutes) and respond within 2-3 business days with an e-mail along with the resources and providers of remedies that are suggested if applicable.

Our goal is to clarify and discuss diagnosis and treatment options, guide you step by step through home care and elaborate on future preventative care to avoid further ailments.

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We need to make this very clear so we are of one mind – Our Telemedicine consultations are not intended to replace a physical and traditional exam with a veterinarian. You will need to have this done before a teleconference is scheduled.

Our intention is to provide expert informative and supplemental views so you can make sure you are doing everything possible for your animal companion.

HummingbirdThis service is not for emergencies or seriously sick animals and is not for pets that have not seen a veterinarian at all for their illness.
This is not a service for diagnosis of diseases as it is generally and legally accepted that pets (because they do not speak…) need to be examined and palpated physically by a doctor to arrive at a diagnosis.

We like and promote working as a team, with you and your veterinarian. Frequently there are limited choices in a traditional /conventional veterinary practice and adding (integrating) other alternative modalities to your pet’s regime can solve and relieve the issues.

Finally, please understand that sometimes we reserve the right to refuse to engage, in giving our opinion, as it may be outside our scope or something beyond which we can help.

This said, Dr G will do everything he can to evaluate the patient in a virtual setting.

Please acknowledge your understanding of these guidelines by signing the disclaimer pages before you schedule a consultation appointment.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s proceed!