Fill out the consultation request form to be approved for an appointment. Once Dr. G replies, you will click on the link in his email to obtain a log-in. This will allow you to follow the steps below:

  1. Please read, acknowledge and sign all disclaimers.
  2. Please call the clinic at (941) 312-6825 to pay for your telemedicine appointment. We accept MC, Visa or Discover cards.
  3. Please send your pet’s medical records via email or fax, at least 48 hrs from the time of the Telemedicine conference.
  4. Schedule your appointment by calling the clinic at (941) 312-6825

Part one- A detailed health and illness history is a must. Please fill out the online new client forms. Please include current diet with a list of ingredients, treats and any medications, supplements or remedies you are currently giving. This gives us a good idea of what’s going on at home.
Part two- Records from your veterinarian’s exam and visit are a must.

We will not be able to give our advice if we do not have them. They provide a history and progression of the illness and lets us know what tests have been done and how your pet has responded to various treatments.

Part three- Please include all diagnostics. X rays (radiographs) or their written reports (by specialists) and findings, reports (images are not needed) of abdominal and heart ultrasounds, MRI, CT scans, endoscopy etc.

Any blood work, food allergy, thyroid and cancer tests. (Dating back 2 years only, unless relevant to a chronic condition)
You will be notified that we are in receipt of your records and that you may schedule your consultation. You may rest assured that they have been reviewed by the time the Telemedicine conference starts.

Once the Telemedicine conference starts, we will go over your companion’s history, and records, including lab and X-rays when available and we will discuss any problems and or concerns you have for your pet. We will go over all the information and together we will decide the most important issues to focus on.

*Please see our video on how to make a consultation appointment.


    Consultation Request Form