Hawk flyingTime and time again, an integrative consultation has demonstrated a reduction in the average financial cost of long-term traditional care. By offering alternative modalities, the patient achieves comfort faster and the inevitable bad side effects of some conventional medicines are avoided, especially for long palliate treatments for chronic conditions.

A productive, intelligent and easy to understand consultation by a professional, dispels doubts, reaffirms and supports a positive outcome.
The initial virtual Telemedicine consultation anywhere in the world is

This includes 20 minutes of records and diagnostics review, 45 minutes of virtual teleconference and 20 minutes to create a plan that is send via e-mail afterwards.

The initial consultation lays the basis for a treatment plan that both you and the doctor agree upon. Communicating and exchanging ideas takes time and from clinical experience it is important that the guardian is able to ask all the pertinent questions and then together arrive to a real, practical plan that has a positive outcome.

Follow up consultations

Follow up progress appointments; take less time, usually 20-30 minutes of virtual telemedicine and includes 10-15 minutes of the doctor’s time to write recommendations that are then sent thru e-mail.
The total recheck for case time, is $95.00 USD* and are typically scheduled 3-4 weeks later, sometimes 3 months later on average for chronic or long-term illnesses.

Brief inquiries

We understand that sometimes you just have or forgot to ask a simple question. These will be answered free of charge by e-mail.
All other inquiries will be charged at $12.50 per 5 minutes for time spent reviewing the patient file and preparing an e-mail reply. You will be asked to make a payment first before the reply is sent.

We look forward to working with your local veterinarian, and any correspondence that transpires between them and us is free of charge.
We are here to help and look forward to humbly, being of service.

*To see how much this is in your currency, go to http://www.gocurrency.com

**Part of the proceeds from the consultations will be donated to The Red Fox Foundation, Inc.

Veterinarian and veterinary students consulting

We welcome all consulting inquires from veterinarians and veterinary students. We work with many DVM’s holistic and non-holistic. Do you have a simple Integrative or alternative question?

Do you have a case that you feel needs a more input? Have you gotten to the end of what you can offer in conventional medicine? I am here to work with you and together help your animal patients.

“With an open mind and with logic, let’s see where this journey takes us.”

With much love and gratitude,
Dr G.